Can easily be programed to answer questions about your products.



A USA airport has purchased 15 robots



Register visitors , escort them to the required department, make a phone call, issue a pass



Advise on the products of interest, show photos and video materials


Huge Opportunity for over a 100,000 U.S. middle/ high schools to use promobot for hallway monitering or educational purposes.




Get integrated with the  system, process payments, advise on products



Draw attention to the booth at the exhibition, consult, talk about the company and products


Museum Guides

Conduct excursions, talk about exhibits, exhibition programs and halls

Promobot in the World

In a coffee shop

Promobot’s first coffee shop job was in a café in Surgut, in Russia. There, it talks to the guests and entertains them, informs of the café’s promos, takes part in events, poses for the photos. It attracts a lot of attention and leaves no one cold.


The robot participates in robot exhibitions as an interactive exhibit. You can talk with it, joke, take pictures. Promobot is a ready product as it is stable, autonomous in communication and performance of tasks, and approach of the team "Promobot" to clients.


The robot advises visitors, can conduct a tour at the office where it works. Also with its help, you can use the payment terminal and even order coffee. It remembers every visitor, and if its friend returns again, the robot personally welcomes him.

Social worker

The robot added something new to the work of the social center. Promobot communicates with visitors on a variety of topics, knows all the nuances of the social sphere. The answer to a question about any service he can be given orally, displayed on the screen and even printed.

Bank employee

The robot advises visitors, gives out electronic coupon tickets, works in a promo mode, voicing actions and services. Thanks to the passport recognition function, the robot solves the problem of manual data entry and shortens the reception time.

Postal worker

The robot acts as a consultant: greets, speaks about zones and services. Certain questions have specific answers. It can even dance. From the moment the department was opened the robot immediately attracted attention, evoked delight among visitors

In a shopping center

Promobot tells customers about the shops in the shopping center, discounts, helps with navigation. No need in a live administrator. The robot is autonomous, drives up to people, starts a conversation. After the conversation, it will certainly invite to one of the stores.

Museum Guide

Promobot takes visitors on guided tours in the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. Its activity in the museum makes the tours more diverse and entertaining, brings a smile on visitors’ faces. Almost every guest wants to meet and talk to the robot once he/she sees it.


The main task of the robot is the information exchange between residents and the management company. Residents are aware of the meetings and topical issues of managing the house. Tell the robot about their problems. A robot quickly notifies them about the management company.


Promobot has several functions in the Historical Park. He conducts excursions and answers visitors' questions: about exhibits, the cost of tickets, about history. In this role the robot partially performs the role of administrator, facilitating the work of real employees.


At the Children Space Center, in Kirov are collected all the most innovative exhibits. Promobot works as a consultant. It communicates with visitors, answers their questions, talks about the center and the exhibits.