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Robots are the future


Educational Robotics Curriculum across the USA to K-16 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are predicted to be a Multi-Trillion dollar industry in the next 5-7 years & our Distributors stand to capitalize on this revolution. We are trailblazing a new Robotics Curriculum across the USA to K-12 grades and Colleges delivering an unprecedented program that will deliver recurring residual monthly income year after year.


Our Distributors control exclusive territories with ZERO real competition and partners who already have relationships with school districts that will work to help sign 5-year agreements. There are lots of other awesome applications for our robot -- just take a look at the Applications Page and the Videos Page of this site.


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“Stop school shootings!”!!!

Intellitronix has just filed for a patent for a robot with weapons detection capabilities!


In addition of our robots being used to teach curriculum to students, Intellitronix has a solution to school shootings. It will soon have extremely sophisticated weapons detection capability. If it detects weapons, it will call school authorities and 911 immediately.


We are now offering the first and only exclusive distributorship in the robot industry. A final solution to one of the worst problems in our history, school shootings.


How many schools are in your area? Do you honestly think there's a school in America that can say no to this? A robot that teaches and detects weapons!

Bottom line, a Promobot distributorship offers you a realistic opportunity get in on the ground floor of a tech and Artificial Intelligence revolution and to make huge profits now and a tremendous recurring income. 


Traveling Trailer to transport the Promobot, is available.